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The Centenary Time Capsule

As part of Sunningdale Scout Group's 100th Anniversary celebrations, the two Beaver colonies prepared a time capsule to be opened by Beavers in the future.


The time capsule

We started by having fun looking at things from ye olde times: Beano annuals from days of yore, LP records ('How do you get music out of that?'), newspapers, mobile phones ('Why is it so big?', 'Can you get the internet on that thing?'). Apart from making the Leaders feel very old, the Beavers were fascinated by how things change and why it would be fun to leave something for future Beavers.


Our Beavers had come prepared with items from home to put into the capsule - anything they thought showed life today and what interests them. We also all drew pictures and made lists of  to put into a scrap book favourite things - films, food, books, toys - and the Beavers wondered about what things might be like in the future. Will we still drive cars? Will we fly everywhere? What will Sunningdale look like?


Some of the Beavers were asked questions about life now and in the future, and their thoughts recorded for posterity - the sound clips are in the time capsule! But here is a sneaky peak at what a few of our Beavers were saying...




And the Beaver Shout was recorded too! So in years to come they will wonder what on earth was going on in Sunningdale back in 2010.  If you want to hear it, click below (but beware your speakers)...



As for what exactly the Beavers put into the capsule? Well, you'll just have to wait and see, won't you! It has been hidden away in the scout hut, to be opened inInternational Time Capsule Society years to come. So don't forget (and if we do, it has even been registered with the International Time Capsule Society, Oglethorpe University, Atlanta, USA), and turn up in 50 years to look inside.


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