Replacement Stores

As the result of very generous grants from the Lottery Commission (£10,000) and Berkshire Community Trust (£5,000) it has been possible to build and mostly fit out a new Stores and Workroom building: the new stores are dry and vermin proof and the new workroom is perfect for project work and meetings away from the main hall.

We are extremely grateful to both the Lottery Commission and Berkshire Community Trust for their generosity but we are most particularly grateful to Geoff Adams, our President, for the huge amount of work in research and organisation that he, personally, has put in to making this project happen. Without him this would not have happened. Thank you, Geoff.

We are also very grateful to Gordon and Rufus Landricombe for the work they have put in to preparing for the new building and fitting it out. Gordon used to be GSL (Group Scout Leader) at 1st Sunningdale and we have been very lucky to have his continuing support for many projects over the years since then.