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Parent and Child Camp 2013

Parent and Child Camp 2013

So once again Sunningdale Beavers and Cubs took themselves off to Earleywood for the annual Parent & Child Camp (now in it's incredible 46th year). Groups from across the District come, and there were over 300 participants. It was a weekend of warm weather, excellent cooking, massive building projects, and fire.

Photos on facebook page

The camp was set up on Friday afternoon and parents and sons arrived throughout the afternoon and evening. A great spot for the camp - at the end, deep into the remoter part of Earleywood with no one around our fire. And we soon had the fire up and running, and started the weekend off with a not-so-traditional pizza order.  Hey, busy day at work. Fire-starter James unfortunately had all his pizza nabbed by Beavers, but he did admit if anyone could skip a meal then... well....

Saturday morning, and breakfast for all, including Joel's signature scrambled eggs. Missed by certain attendees who somehow managed to sleep til 9.30am(?). We then prepared for the fancy dress parade, where we got the Beavers and Cubs to paint scenes of famous British icons (the camp theme being British Isles). They responded with the Union Jack, Beefeaters, knights and, eh, Sunningdale Motors(?).

The opening ceremony saw the issuing of the Crew Challenge for the weekend: build a scarecrow with a British theme. Slightly under-whelmed by the challenge, we stretched the brief to the limit and decided to go for Robin Hood and Prince John. In a castle. In a big castle. In a big castle that could house all the Beavers and Cubs. In a big castle that could house all the armed Beavers and Cubs. Oh, and make that a two storey castle with battlements and flagpole, and put Robin Hood up a tree.

So after preparing plans, elevations and 3-D axonometric drawings, the Dads and boys worked like crazy to build our structure out of pallets, hardboard and wood. A separate armoury was established to produce swords and shields for the Beavers. And the end result was truly magnificent - a very sturdy fort with two towers which for the rest of the weekend kept our fully-armed troop thoroughly entertained. It drew big compliments from the judging panel too for the scale and expertise.

After tea and cake (an event that happily occurred at frequent intervals throughout the weekend), the games started. This consisted of various rather barmy activities for both dads and sons all around Earleywood, involving variously drainpipes, lakes of water, maypoles and hurdles.

Evening time, and Hilary had come to do another of her increasingly famous backwoods cooking: three Dutch ovens on the open fire with cheesy-potato-chicken recipe. All finished off and top marks given. A great evening meal for a camp in the woods.

And as darkness came, it was off to the main camp fire circle where all 300 had gathered for the evening song and show. All Groups had to perform something, and this year we had two good little skits, which involved all the Beavers and Cubs and were well received by all. Well done for joining in, our lot!

Marshmallows followed at our fire, and the children went to bed willingly and with little fuss. Yes, really! Lots of playing had tired them out. The grown-ups made sure the fire didn't get lonely, though, and kept it company until the small hours. Whoever volunteered to take the bottles and cans home after the camp will have received a lot of Recycle Points from the Council. Ah-hem.

Sunday, and full cooked breakfast again (though with different chefs, so no eggs-a-la-Fido this time). Then it was time for the games to recommence until lunch and the final closing ceremony.

A great weekend camp. Thanks to those parents and Leaders who helped set-up and take down the camp, and so made us be able to do this sort of event. And it was good to welcome some first-time campers.

Oh, and the prizes? We were runners up for our castle construction. First prize went to another Group with their impressive Scarecrow of Boadicea on a chariot which, considering the challenge was make a scarecrow, we thought was fair enough.


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