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Parent & Child Camp 2012

A group of Beavers and Cubs made the annual trip to Earleywood for the 45th Parent & Child Camp. Two nights of camping, lots of games, lots of big campfires, and a bit of acting and building too. A total of 300 campers from across the District were there.

-- Photos to follow. Trouble with uploading. But you can see them on our facebook page ---

This year's theme was Roald Dahl. We all arrived on Friday evening and quickly put up the tents and the mess tent before the rain started. And then lit the fire for the weekend (one match, just twigs, unlike the Scouts who needed a box of fire lighters for their fire and then it went out).

In honour of the great author there was a fancy dress competition on Saturday morning. Our merry troop were kitted out in a great array of Mr Foxes, Twits and Wonka Bars. All led behind a beautiful banner* proclaiming 1st Sunningdale. We were issued with our building task for the weekend: make a glass elevator which can raise an adult and child. Unfazed by the fact that we only had a load of pallets and huge dodgy bits of wood with labels saying 'Caution, lithium battery packaging', we went about with a highly-organised piece of building. The Dads soon constructed a smooth-lined lift shaft with robust guide-rails for a 4-way lifting mechanism, on top of which was a clear-glazed lift platform. OK, it was a load of wood with a gate and plastic, but it did work very well. And looked nice too. The judges were suitably impressed, and the Beavers merrily played on it for the rest of the day.

We also managed to carve and create from natural materials many challenges, such as tables, spoons, decorations, musical instruments and all sorts of contraptions.

The afternoon was spent in merriment with the usual bonkers selection of games laid on for the camp participants. We probably won loads of points, as we were fab.

After supper (a mammoth fish & chips delivery from Jacks), the evening had the traditional campfire gathering for all the 300 campers. Sunningdale showed the rest of the District who were the best at performing - us! Our Beavers and Cubs put on a great show with jokes and skits to keep the spectators entertained. Well done to all of those who joined in, and the parents who helped too. Then it was back to our own camp fire with a rather 'prolonged' evening for the parents that saw long stories, wine, cigars and even a cheeseboard (I think, or was I imagining that?).

Sunday turned out to be a bit of a wash-out, I believe (I had to leave early anyway to go to a Golden Wedding. I did have a shower before getting there...). But the Camp was as good as ever - lots of fun for the children, and the parents too. A great time for all, and thanks for your company!


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*(nb to mums - that emulsion paint just takes a bit of scrubbing with washing liquid or Vanish. Ah, hem...)