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1st Sunningdale Scouts



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1st Sunningdale Scout Group News



Villagers and Quiz Master.jpg

1st Sunningdale Scouts’ Quiz Night

A night of cerebral challenge, gastronomic delight, and prizes galore – all whilst raising funds for the 1st Sunningdale Scout Hut refresh.



Diamond Jubilee Beacon aflame Sunninghill Diamond Jubilee Beacon
An estimated 2,500 people came to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee in Victory Field in Sunninghill. This was one of the largest public events in Sunninghill for many years and was a huge success with all.   More...
Hog Roast in action Centenary Hog Roast
Nearly 150 people came to a delicious hog roast on a lovely sunny day on Sunday 17th October. Former and current members of all ages had a fabulous time.   More...
Centenary Camp at Youlbury Camp of the Century
To continue the fantastic celebration of our centenary the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts camped, all together, up at Youlbury Scout Activity Centre just outside Oxford. The adventure was superb, the weather fantastic, the food awesome and caterpillars hung from the trees everywhere! You really should have been there! Whether you were there or not, follow these links for the pics.   More...
Centenary Tree Planting Centenary Tree Planting
On 7th February approximately 250 people came to celebrate 1st Sunningdale Scout Group's 100th anniversary of its founding by planting an oak tree in Broomhall Recreation Ground in Sunningdale. The occasion was attended by the Deputy Mayor of the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead and was a mark of the affection felt for Scouting in and around Sunningdale and the work and dedication of the adult volunteers who make it all happen.   More...
Cub Water Camp 2009 Cub Water Camp 2009
In April the Cubs went to Longridge Water Acitivity Centre on the Thames by Henley for a fantastic week of superb weather, kayaking, climbing and adventure. Everyone came back exhausted but very happy!   More...

Send your pictures to archive@sunningdalescouts.org.uk



Beaver News

Beavers have lots of fun! Here are just some of the highlights we've been doing. Click on the titles for more reports!


beavers in castle.jpg

 2014 onwards: Reports and updates will be put on our facebook page


Parent and Child Camp 2013 (Sept 13)

So once again Sunningdale Beavers and Cubs took themselves off to Earleywood for the annual Parent & Child Camp Click for more details

Take me to your Leaders! (Sept 13)

3-2-1 blast-off! The Beavers took a trip to Mars to explore journeys, inventions, science and food. Click for more details

Phasels Wood Group Camp (June 13)

The big Group Camp, with the Cubs and Scouts too Click for more details

Getting ready for camp (June 13)

We practised putting up tents Click for more details

Bears Rails camp (April 13)

A fantastic Beaver Backwood Camp Click for more details

The Big show (March 13)

The making of the Beaver talk Click for more details

Beaver Challenge (March 13)

We are the champions! Click for more details

Film Talk (Feb 13)

The making of the Beaver talk Click for more details

Christmas Show (Dec 12)

Oh, the Show! It was simply divine, darlings Click for more details

Parent and Child Camp (Sept 12)

The 45th annual camp, and it was as good as ever Click for more details... 

Beaver Olympic Challenge (Sept 12)

We were champs! Click for more details...

Dorneywood Camp (July 12)

Another camp - another great time! Us Sunningdale Scouts are good at this outdoorsy stuff, aren't we? Click for more details...

Mount Olympus Challenge (May 12)

Proof of our Herculean Effort and some of the Scouting folk who took part. Click for more details...

Balloon-y Olympics (May 12)

We're crazy, we are. Click for more details..

Learning Scout (May 12)

When the Scouts showed the Beavers how to make Finnish bread over the Camp Fire & swing in home-made hammocks. Click for more details...

Beaver Camp (April 12)

Fun from beginning to end, and not just for the Beavers. Click for more detail

Monkey logo competition (Feb12)

Very exciting news of how we have been chosen to design a logo for an International animal rescue organisation. Click for more details...

The new term - sporting fun (Jan 12)

We get ready for 2012 and our all-together-on-a-Monday sessions. Click for more details...

The Christmas Show! (Dec 11)

What a performance! The Beavers and Cubs were fantastic. Click for more details...

Christmas biscuits (Dec 11)

Making sweet treats ready for Christmas. Click for more details...

Guy Fawkes Night (Nov11)

We made Guys and burned them. Click for more details...

Bulb planting (Oct 11)

Everything's coming up.. daffodils. We did our bit to make the park look lovely in Spring. Click for more details...

Monkey feeders (Sept 11)

And you thought your beaver ate a lot... Well, the monkeys at the sanctuary eat even more. And they have worse table manners (probably). Click for more details...

Parent and child camp (Sept 11)

Lots of beavers' and cubs' favourite event... the annual weekend camp at Earleywood. And this time it was a Dr Who theme. Click for more details...

Monkey Sanctuary talk (July 11)

A fascinating talk by the owner of the Monkey Sanctuary, who we have sponsored this term. Click for more details...

Nature walk (June 11)

We went for a walk by the water to see what bugs and beasties we could find. Click for more details... 

Climbing wall (June 11)

Like monkeys, we scaled to the top of the wall. Click for more details... 

Music, maestro (May 11)

The sweet sound of music flowed from the Hut on a May evening. Click for more details... 

Cheeky Monkeys (May 11)

Ooo, ooo, ooo, the funky Beavers! We started off the new term with monkey business in our project to raise money for a local monkey sanctuary. Click for more details...

Spring is in the air (March 11)

It's time for making Spring Things. We did chocolate nests, and cards for Mum Click for more details...

Land of our Beavers (March 11)

What do you think of on St David's Day? Daffodils? Leeks? Sheep? Beavers? Yes! Well, we did too, so we got making all things Welsh. Click for more details...

New Beavers induction evening, and Valentines night (Feb 11)

Caring and sharing - that's the Beavers. On Valentines evening we make biscuits for our special ones, and also welcome the new members as invested Beavers Click for more details...

Experiments night (Feb 11)

And now for the science bit... The Beavers spent an evening of molecule mayhem exploring chemisty, gravity, our bodies and all manner of scientific fun. This page also includes the instructions for making your very own volcano! Click for more details...

DIY day (Jan 11)

Hammers + saws + scredrivers + tape measures + Beavers = lots of DIY fun. Click for more details...

Panto trip (Jan 11)

We went to the Panto. Oh yes we did! Click for more details...

Hark! The herald Beavers Sing! (Dec 10)

1st Sunningdale Beavers brought back the tradition of carol-singing around the village with gusto.  Click for more details...

Racing car (Nov 10)

Thrills, spills and racing Beavers. Click for more details...

Guy Fawkes Night (Nov 10)

Making things, burning things, singing things. Sounds like a good Beaver night to me! Click for more details...

The Centenary Time Capsule

As part of Sunningdale Scout Group's 100th Anniversary celebrations, the two Beaver colonies prepared a time capsule to be opened by Beavers in the future. Click for more details...

Ascot Racecourse outing (October 10)

Beavers had an exciting trip to Ascot Racecourse: pretending to be jockeys, horses, racegoers, Stewards and The Queen. Click for more details...

District Parent & Child Camp (September 10)

A group of adventurous Beavers and their dads set off for a weekend of camping at Earlywood for the 43rd Annual Parent and Child Camp: two days of challenges against lots of other Berkshire groups, with games, songs and big fires. Click for more details...

We are the Champions!!! (July 09)

Sunningdale Beavers win the football competition! For a full write-up, read our man-in-the-sheepskin-overcoat's report on the day. Click for more details... 

We had SUCH a great time making (& eating MUD PIES) with Susan Hansen (Sebastian's Mum) that I thought I would put the recipe in our Blog as well! Click for more details...

 News from Down Under (08)

I recently had an email from Adam Titmuss. Adam was a Beaver with 1st Sunningdale and he and his family moved to Australia just before Christmas in 2007.

Poem (March 08) 

Last week at our meeting Matthew Ringshaw presented Robin and I with a poem. It is the first time we've ever had a poem written about the 1st Sunningdale Beavers, so I thought to honour this important event it should be published and celebrated on our website, so here it is....