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Dorneywood camp

Another camp - another great time! Us Sunningdale Scouts are good at this outdoorsy stuff, aren't we?


We set off after the wettest few days on record to woodland in Buckinghamshire, with the mess tent and our own tents to keep us dry (we hoped). The parents were keen to help and we soon got the tents up, and then the cake and tea. Well, hard work takes it out of you. Meanwhile, the Beavers were off exploring the depths of the woodland, the deep, spooky hollows and the mud.

The afternoon was spent tracking and scavenging on trails around the woods. The Dads set some excellent trails through the forest and the Beavers were very excited to follow them. And they didn't get lost either!

Evening, and inevitably the fire. Well, two of them in fact - we had to cook our supper, didn't we? Yes, the Beavers are going all Skip & Den and starting to do what those bigger boy Scouts get up to. We made some superb puddings in the fire. We just have to get the timings better on the first course...

An evening's fine entertainment of the highest quality followed, with the RSC (Royal Sunningdale Company) putting on another great show. Overacting compulsory, with cheers of 'again, again!' (yes really - thank you Ben). Marshmallows and hot chocolate for the Beavers before bed (and some super-charged mulled wine made an appearance for the adults).

Sunday - what a breakfast! Mountains of it and eaten completely. Then it was off for our hike and navigation exercises through Burnham Beeches. The Beavers were pretty good too - knowing which way to go through the forest and finding all the clues. And we had fun playing in the trees and poking big piles of wood ants. Oh, and more cake eating.

Back to the campsite and lunch, then we were off home. A fantastic camp!

And the rain? Well, we were dry virtually all weekend! The sun always shines on Sunningdale.

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Swallow & Eagle

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