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Cheeky monkeys

Ooo, ooo, ooo, the funky Beavers! We started off the new term with monkey business in our project to raise money for a local monkey sanctuary.


Yes, there is more than one group of monkeys in the area. Not only do they swing from the rafters in Sunningdale on Monday and Tuesday evenings, but near Ascot there is the Lakeview Monkey Sanctuary. This charity rescues monkeys from zoos, pet shops and homes where they are not wanted, or treated badly, and provides them with a safe home. We are raising money to sponsor a monkey, and later in the term we will have the owner of the Sanctuary come and speak to us.


Making t shirt        T shirts on display

After being told about monkeys, our Beavers made T Shirts with their very own monkey design, which we can wear on summer meetings.


You can find out more about the monkey sanctuary at www.lakeviewmonkeysanctuary.co.uk


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